Parallel Overhead

A screenshot of the game

Parallel Overhead is an endless runner game where you take control of the ships Truth and Beauty on a groundbreaking trip through hyperspace. A stable hyperspace tunnel is finally being achieved with two ships locked to the opposite walls of the tunnel. Well, almost stable...

Playing the game

WARNING: This game features rapidly changing colors.

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Keep the ships from falling through the holes! The ships can be rotated clockwise with the left arrow key and anticlockwise with the right arrow key. The game can be paused/unpaused with space or enter, restarted with backspace and exited with escape.

The game starts paused so that you can resize the window and adjusts the volume.


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PO 1.0.2 for amd64 GNU/Linux Download Download
PO 1.0.2 source code Download Download
PO 2.0.1 (Web) source code Download Download
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