What does your choice of Creative Commons -license tell about you?

CC-0 You're either anti-copyright or just don't value your work.
CC-BY You wanted to use a permissive license and weren't aware of the no-DRM clause.
CC-BY-SA You're a free culture idealist who thinks copylefting their work makes some kind of difference.
CC-NC You're a capitalist: no one else should be allowed make money with your work!
CC-NC-SA You're an anti-capitalist: no one should be allowed make money with your work!
CC-ND You have never encountered a remix that you like and think they're all trash.
CC-NC-ND You were asked to put your work under a CC license but what you really wanted was "All rights reserved."

Alternative to all: You got confused while choosing a license and the one you picked doesn't do what you think it does, much less what you want it to do.