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Veturi 0.5 ReadMe

1. Description

Veturi <> is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game
developed for the wars of the Finnish nation-RPG Valtioroolipeli <>.
It's designed to run on most web hosting setups, essentially only requiring PHP (7.3) and an SQL-database.
Veturi is meant to be used alongside an existing community and doesn't include any in-game communication.
Also, the admin is expected to create all the accounts and deliver the credentials to the users.

Veturi can be seen as made up of three parts:
1. The client is web application (JS, HTML, CSS) that the players can use
to plan and send their orders.
2. The client/server-interface (PHP, HTML) manages the accounts, including
logins and receiving orders and saving them to the database.
The admin-interface, used for example to create accounts, belongs to this part.
3. The turn simulator (PHP) loads the orders from the database and changes to world according to them.

2. Changelog
* Concatenate the JS-source code into a single file for use.
* Add an order to create a connection between two provinces.
* Show information about the game object that was clicked on the map.
* Present orders more compactly.
Veturi 0.5 is the first version to have all these parts implemented and working to atleast some degree.
Otherwise however, it is extremely unfinished and the only implemented order is adding provinces.

3. Installation and setup

The instructions are pretty general and assume you know how to use your web hosting setup.

Start by executing the src/ to create the www/veturi.js-file.

Veturi should be installed so that the www-directory is accessible from the web while
keeping the whole directory structure intact. If necessary you can make the Veturi root
directory accessible too, so that the address for the client becomes for example In that case, make sure that other files
in the root directory are NOT accessible from the web. For example, should give a 403-error.

For server side settings, create the file config.ini (in the veturi root directory).
Here's a template:
dsn = "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=veturi"
username = "veturi"
password = "Please change me"
enable = true
password = "Please change me"
To understand the settings under [Database], please see <>.
This database will be used by Veturi to store the account, as well as world and orders history.
Under WebSetup, leave enable = true for now and make up a password to to lower field.

Now navigate to admin/setup/ with a browser (for example or
You should see a form asking for authorization and whether to initialize the database and create an admin account.
(If you see a black page or something else, good luck finding out why. You can start by checking your server error logs.)
Input the password from [WebSetup], check both boxes and press the submit button.

If everything went right the web setup should now tell you the admin password.
Copy it somewhere since you won't get it again. You can and should now set enable=false under [WebSetup] in config.ini.

Next up is client settings. Create the file www/custom/config.json along with the necessary directories.
Here's a template:
The "lang" property defines which language file is loaded. Leave it as it is for an English client.
The "map_background_image_file" is an optional setting. It should be the name of an image file in www/custom/.
The image will be used as a background to the game map. This could for example be your game map before you started using Veturi.
The "world_width" and "world_height" define the area in which province locations are allowed in integer precision.
These should have the same aspect ratio as your background image, as it is stretched to match.

To change turn and simulate its events, run turnsim/RUN_TURNSIM.php with PHP. You can set this up to run periodically.

4. Usage

Veturi is used with a browser.
After installation, the Veturi client should be found under the Veturi web root (for example or
The admin user interface is found under it in the admin-directory (for example or

5. Copyright

Please see copyright.txt