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  2. year: 2019-2020
  3. title: "Veturi"
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  5. <!--
  6. Copyright © 2019-2020 Linus Vanas <>
  7. SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0
  8. -->
  9. <p>
  10. Veturi is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game
  11. developed for the wars of the Finnish nation-RPG <a href="">Valtioroolipeli</a>.
  12. It's designed to run on most web hosting setups, essentially only requiring PHP (7.3) and an MySQL- (or MariaDB-) database.
  13. Veturi is meant to be used alongside an existing community and doesn't include any in-game communication.
  14. Also, the admin is expected to create all the accounts and deliver the credentials to the users.
  15. </p>
  16. <p>
  17. Veturi can be seen as made up of four parts:
  18. <ol>
  19. <li>The client is web application (JS, HTML, CSS) that the players can use
  20. to plan and send their orders.</li>
  21. <li>The client/server-interface (PHP) logins and receiving orders
  22. from the client and saving them to the database.</li>
  23. <li>The admin-interface (PHP, HTML), used for example to create accounts and edit configurations.</li>
  24. <li>The turn simulator (PHP) loads the orders from the database and changes to world according to them.</li>
  25. </ol>
  26. </p>
  27. <h2>Changelog</h2>
  28. <h3>0.8</h3>
  29. <h4>Client</h4>
  30. <ul>
  31. <li>Refactor the client.</li>
  32. <li>Add a drop-down menu to orders for selecting game objects.</li>
  33. <li>Reload previously saved orders upon login.</li>
  34. <li>Use Gettext to translate the client.</li>
  35. <li>Draw connections over the edge of the map when it's the shortest route.</li>
  36. </ul>
  37. <h4>Admin interface</h4>
  38. <ul>
  39. <li>Make database-settings MySQL-specific.</li>
  40. <li>Fix database initialization using old configuration.</li>
  41. <li>Prevent the client from using outdated cache.</li>
  42. <li>Use the same login for all admin functions.</li>
  43. <li>Add admin privilege levels.</li>
  44. <li>Hash the configuration password.</li>
  45. </ul>
  46. <h3>0.7</h3>
  47. <ul>
  48. <li>Create a new admin UI.</li>
  49. <li>Add an order to create a country.</li>
  50. </ul>
  51. <h3>0.6</h3>
  52. <ul>
  53. <li>Concatenate the JS-source code into a single file for use.</li>
  54. <li>Add an order to create a connection between two provinces.</li>
  55. <li>Show information about the game object that was clicked on the map.</li>
  56. <li>Present orders more compactly.</li>
  57. </ul>
  58. <h3>0.5</h3>
  59. <p>Veturi 0.5 is the first version to have all these parts implemented and working to atleast some degree.
  60. Otherwise however, it is extremely unfinished and the only implemented order is adding provinces.</p>
  61. <h2>Downloads</h2>
  62. <p>Veturi is provided in source code form and licensed under GPL3+ (see the included copyright.txt for details).</p>
  63. <h3>0.8</h3>
  64. <ul>
  65. <li><a href="">As a .zip</a></li>
  66. <li><a href="">As a .tar.gz</a></li>
  67. </ul>
  68. <h3>Development version</h3>
  69. <ul>
  70. <li><a href="">From Gitea</a></li>
  71. <li><a href="">As a .zip</a></li>
  72. <li><a href="">As a .tar.gz</a></li>
  73. <li>Via Git:</li>
  74. </ul>