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  2. year: 2019
  3. title: "Privacy policy"
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  5. <!--
  6. Copyright © 2019 Linus Vanas <>
  7. SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0
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  9. <p>
  10. For every request (eg. page load) to this website, the following information is logged:
  11. <ul>
  12. <li>The IP-address where the request came from.</li>
  13. <li>The date and time of the request.</li>
  14. <li>The resource (eg. page) that was requested.</li>
  15. <li>Information about how the request was handled.</li>
  16. <li>The possible User-Agent-header in the request. This may contain information about your browser and operating system.</li>
  17. <li>The possible Referer-header in the request. This may contain the URL of the page where you clicked a link to this site.</li>
  18. </ul>
  19. This information may be manually or automatically processed to:
  20. <ul>
  21. <li>Study the usage of the site.</li>
  22. <li>Troubleshoot problems with the site.</li>
  23. <li>Combat abuse of the site.</li>
  24. </ul>
  25. The information will not be voluntarily shared third parties except possibly in a processed form where identifying individual users is not possible.
  26. The unprocessed information will be deleted after 14 days.
  27. </p>